About Us

What is West Valley Conservatory of Ballet?

West Valley Conservatory of Ballet is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to provide the community with exposure to the classical art of ballet.

Our primary function isp11555544-3 a youth performance company. The Performance Company provides shows to local retirement communities, woman’s shelters, local schools and other community related gatherings. In doing this, we hope to provide an education to the arts and enrich the community culturally. Finally we provide scholarships to students who wish to attend summer intensive programs at well-known schools across the country. This gives the students an opportunity to experience the dance world at a larger scale. It also helps them obtain dance scholarships when applying for college in the future.

WVCB relies on the generosity of the community to run our facilities. Our Performance Company holds several benefit shows throughout the year to help raise funds.

Being a non-profit gives us an opportunity to reach the community in a whole new way. When you invest in WVCB you are investing in the future of young lives and impacting the community for the better.